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Who We Are?

Healthy living is a journey and we believe in it. At the heart of healthy eating are fruits and vegetables, and at the heart of our store you’ll find mountains of colorful, farm-fresh produce at truly amazing prices. we research, identify and make available new products and categories that suit the everyday needs of the customers. Our mission is to provide the best value possible for our customers, so that every penny they spend on shopping with us gives them more value for money than they would get anywhere else.

We are continually reshaping the retail landscape, introducing a host of innovations to make shopping an even more convenient and enjoyable activity for the consumer, by creating an ambience that the consumer appreciates.

Who Are We?

We Seek Out The Finest Natural And Organic Foods Available
Maintain The Strictest Quality Standards In The Industry
And Have An Unshakeable Commitment

What We Sell

Garden care

A unique shopping experience combining everyday grocery needs.

Garden care
Whole Healthy

We have whole-health products, and freshly prepared foods you crave.

Garden care

We have the widest and freshest variety of fruits and vegetables.

Garden care
High Quality

Our desire to make life easier and provide your families with high-quality.

Meat Market

[Coming Soon]

You will experience the difference between our skillfully prepared, high-quality meat and seafood from Hareli and others. We take every step to assure you of the highest levels of freshness and hygiene. You’ll be amazed at the range of choices we offer.

Dairy & Bakery

[Coming Soon]

Freshness and hygiene are a must when it comes to Dairy And Bakery. Sorted and graded twice by trained personnel. A strong focus, for instance we provide the widest variety. We offer an extensive range of market-leading products brands to the discerning customer.


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Store Team Members

Whether you’re stocking fresh produce, or running registers, or skillfully preparing food, there’s never a dull moment working at Hareli.

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Store Management

Don’t want to sit behind a desk all day? As a manager, you will showcase your leadership skills. We have several management positions.

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